Club Rules - Discipline

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RULE -10


        (A) Cessation of membership                                                                                                                                          
A Member shall cease to be a member and his connection with the Club shall be terminated in any of the following ways.

  1. On a voluntary resignation in a letter addressed to the Secretary provided of outstanding dues have been paid at the time of sending the letter of resignation.
  2. On being adjudged an insolvent by the competent court of law.
  3. On being dismissed by Member’s employer for an offence involving moral turpitude or a Member being convicted by a competent court of law of an offence involving moral turpitude.
  4. On being found guilty of grave misconduct of the Members himself or his guest. PROVIDED that the Committee arrives at such a decision after giving the Member an opportunity to be heard by the Committee. PROVIDED FURTHER that the Member has the right of appeal against such a decision of the Committee to the Annual General Meeting. Till the appeal decided upon, the Member shall not be eligible to use the facilities of the Club.
  5. On expulsion by a vote of majority of not less than two thirds of the Members present at an extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose.
  6. On removal of his name from Membership Register of the Club on account of negligence/refusal in the payment of the Club dues.

On vacating the concerned office by a Patron/Honorary Member admitted in his ex-officio capacity.

    (B) Discipline

1)  If any Member uses, in the Club premises, improper language or indecorous behavior towards another Member or Member’s family or guest or any Club employee or breaks or otherwise damages any Club property deliberately or behaves in a manner not befitting a Member of the Club or assaults or threatens to assault any employee of the Club or if a Member’s guest commits any of the acts of misconduct he may become liable for summary punishment by the President of the Club and such punishment may be any all of the following.

  1. Deprival of all or some of the facilities of the Club to the errant Member for a period to be specified in the order of the President.
  2. Levy of penalty not exceeding six times the cost of replacement or repair of the Club properly broken or damaged by the errant Member.
  3. Suspension of Membership for a period to be specified in the orders of the President.
  4. Termination of the Membership:                                                                                                                                               PROVIDED that the President of the Club can act suo moto in initiating the proceedings under this Rule either on receipt of written or oral communication from anybody or based on his own information.

PROVIDED FURTHER the President of the Club shall give an opportunity to the errant Member to be heard before awarding the punishment. These proceedings shall however be of a summery nature.

PROVIDED FURTHER that an appeal against the order of the President of the Club shall lie with Committee if the errant Member prefers an appeal in writing in this regard to the Secretary within seven days of the order of the President of the Club. During the pendency of the appeal the order of punishment of the President of the Club shall remain in force. The errant member has the right of appeal against the decision of Committee to the annual or extraordinary General Meeting. The Committee may prohibit any Member or Members whose conduct forms the subject of enquiry, from using the Club, pending the decision of the Annual/Extraordinary General Meeting.

 PROVIDED FURTHER that it is open to the President of the Club to refer the matter to the Committee for taking action if his is of the opinion that the acts of errant Member are sufficiently serious to warrants such course of action.

PROVIDED that in the emergency, when the President is not available, the Vice-President may exercise the above powers subject to ratification by the President and all action taken by the President and Vice-President under the Article shall be placed before the Committee.

(2)  A Member whose connection with the Club is terminated or ceased by virtue of operation of the provision of RULE-10 shall, in case he is a Member of the Committee automatically ceases to be a Member of the Committee from the date of such termination or cessation.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in RULE -10 (B) (1), the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President or in the absence of the President as well as Vice-President, the Honorary Secretary may suspend, the membership of any member of any category for such period as it may be specified for the purpose where the disciplinary proceeding against such member is contemplated or in pending against him. The order of suspension made or deemed to have been made shall continue to remain in force until it is modified or revoked by such authority who is competent to pass the order or by the Committee or by the General body in the AGM or EGM. During the period of suspension, the member against whom the disciplinary proceedings are pending shall be deprived of all or any of the facilities of the Club, as may be specified in the order.

(4) Carrying the fire arms to the Club premises is prohibited and violation of condition shall attract the provisions of this Rule

(C) Readmission of Terminated Members:

  1. Persons ceasing to be Members on account of grave misconduct himself or his guest shall not be considered for readmission as Members of the Club.
  2. Persons ceasing to be Member on account of non-payment of dues may be readmitted as Members on application and approval by the Committee, out of turn only after expiry of six months from that date from which he ceased to be a Member on payment of all dues payable during the period for which he is ceased to be a Member provided that he has not been a defaulter in payment of the Club dues more than once. The Committee however, reserves right of admission or otherwise, of such ceased Member, provided that an appeal against the decision of the Committee for the refusal on readmission of the ceased Member shall lie with the Annual General Meeting and the decision of the AGM is final.