Club Rules - Guests

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No non-members shall be allowed to the Club unless introduced and accompanied by Member except as otherwise permitted as under:

  1. Any Member, other than affiliated and other eligible Members may bring their friends into the Club as their guests, provided that such friends are eligible for Membership of the Club, and they may partake of meals or other refreshments and may be introduced into the public rooms of the Club.
  2. Bonafide visitors to Sambalpur may be introduced as guests for not more than twelve occasions during a calendar year by the same Member. A guest who is a resident of Sambalpur may be introduced for not more than six occasions during a calendar year by the same Member.
  3. The names of the guests shall be entered in the book provided for the purpose. Every Member introducing guest shall be responsible for their conduct and for the compliance with the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club.                                                                                                                                              
    PROVIDED that the guest who are resident within 10Kms. Of Sambalpur Municipal area will not be admitted to the Club as a guest unless so permitted by the Secretary or a Member of the Committee authorized in this behalf.                                                                      

    PROVIDED FURTHER that a member can get the permission mentioned in the foregoing provisions on a looting subject of such terms and conditions as the Committee may decide upon for such purpose.                                                                                                                                                               
    PROVIDED FURTHER that the Committee has the power to lay down the terms and conditions for the use of the Club by guests including the guest charges to be levied and all other matters relevant thereto. The Committee may relax the rule.