Club Rules - Entrence Fee

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  1. Application have to pay the following entry fee at the time of application
1)     Permanent Member    Entrance fees 

     (a)     Officers of Govt. of Orissa   / India /Any State/UT Senior officers belonging

   Rs. 2000       
     (b)     Retd. Govt. servants with excellence in any creative fields    Rs. 5000
     (c)     Members’ Child nominated by the Member    Rs. 25000
     (d)     All others(Ref. clause (i)(e)of Rule-4)     Rs. 50000
2)      Life Members                                     Rs. 100000
3)      Corporate Members/Institutional Members*    Rs. 150000
4)      Temporary Members (3 months tenure)    Rs. 2000


*Corporate member can nominate more than three members if they pay RS 50,000/-for each additional representative

B.  The entry/entrance fee will not be refunded once the applicant member has been admitted as a member and the same will in no case be refunded even on cessation/death or resignation/termination or any such contingent circumstances.


  1. The monthly subscription of all categories of members (excepting the Life Members) shall be as decided by the Committee from time to time.

    PROVIDED that the Members shall be liable to pay additional charges for Club services provided by the Club, the charges for each service being fixed by the Committee from time to time.

    PROVIDED that these mentioned in the proviso above shall be so fixed by the Committee that the cost of providing facility or service is recovered from particular charges so fixed.

    PROVIDED that any Members may pay the subscription in advance if he so desired.

  2. All payments to the Club will be either in cash or in shape of cheque or demand draft or pay order payable on any bank situated in Sambalpur. In case of out-station cheques a separate collection charges will be levied.

  3. It is incumbent on all categories of Members to ascertain the dues payable to the Club and to pay such dues within the period. The Club is not responsible for any liability accruing to the Member due to non-payment of the dues of the Member solely due to reason that the Club has not sent the bills for such dues to the Members for any reason whatsoever

  4. The monthly subscription shall be paid in advance. All others dues of the Members shall be paid within the period prescribed by the Committee. If the dues are not paid within prescribed period, interest /surcharge on such dues may be charged at the rates as decided by the Committee.