Club Rules - Admission Procedure

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(a)Admission Procedure
  1. Every candidate for admission to the club must be proposed for admission by one Member and seconded by another Member to both of whom the applicant must be known personally. The proposal will be in the form as may be prescribed from time to time by the committee.

    PROVIDED that the Entrance Fee shall accompany the proposal in the form of cash or Bank draft or cheque on any Bank in Sambalpur drawn in favor of the Club. Proposal without Entry fee shall be treated as invalid. PROVIDED FURTHER that a proposal to admit a new Member is rejected or withdrawn as per provision of the Rules, the Entry fee shall be returned by the Club to the applicant for such membership.

    PROVIDED that the proposer or the seconder shall not be a defaulter in payment of the Club’s dues in excess of the permissible limit fixed by the Club committee from time to time.

  2. The proposal form for admission of a new Member duly filled up shall be put on the Notice Board of the Club at least two weeks in advance of the date of the Committee meeting when the proposal shall be considered. If not less than ten permanent or life members of the club object in writing to the Secretary against the admission, such application for the membership should be rejected provided that such objection in writing shall be kept confidential but the secretary. In all other cases the Committee will decide whether to admit or not to admit the applicant as a Permanent Member. Membership shall be decided by the Members of the Committee.

    PROVIDED that when a application for memberships which has been proposed or seconded by any member(s) of the Committee, such member(s) of the Committee shall abstain from the deliberations of the Committee when such question of admission is being discussed and not take part in the secret ballot process. 

    PROVIDED that the proposal for the admission of the Corporate Members hall also contain the permanent address of the Head Quarters Office of the Corporate Organization.

  3. The candidate can withdraw his name before expiry of the period of two weeks mentioned above.

  4. If the applicant is not admitted the Secretary shall inform the proposed of the same. Particulars of Members who objected to the admission shall be kept confidential by the Secretary.

  5. An applicant whose application is rejected or whose name is withdrawn shall not again be proposed for admission to the Club for a period of six months from the date of publication on the Notice Board.

  6. The Executive Committee shall approve or reject the applications for membership.

  7. A new member (excluding Corporate / Institutional members, and Temporary members) will be in probation for a period of one year from the date of induction or till he is confirmed a regular member whichever is later. Such confirmation will be in the shape of a resolution of the Executive Committee. During the period of probation he/she will not having voting rights. During the period of probation, the members who have proposed or seconded the application for membership, will be held responsible for any default in payment of club dues or any so of in-discipline or misconduct. During the period probation he/she will not have voting rights.
(b) Commencement of membership
  1. In case of Permanent Members, Life Members, Corporate/Institutional Members, the membership of the  club shall commence from the date of approval by the Executive Committee in the prescribed manner.

  2. In the case of the Honorary Members, it will be from the date of receipt by the Honorary Secretary of the acceptance of the offer extended by the Executive Committee.

  3. In the case of Temporary Members, it will commence from the date of approval by the Honorary Secretary.

  4. All classes of membership shall automatically cease on death, resignation after settlement of dues up to date or as otherwise provided for the Rules. A member, who has resigned his membership in good standing from the Club, may with the approval of the Executive Committee be readmitted out of turn on payment of entrance fee.