Club Rules - GENERAL

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  1. Any notice if served by post shall be deemed to have been served at the time when the letter containing the same was put into post and in providing such service it addressed and put in the Post Office. All notice given by the advertisement shall be deemed to have been given on he day on which the advertisement thereof first appeared.
  2. A copy of this Rule of any Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations made by the Committee shall be furnished to every Member of the Club on application.
  3. Any doubt/clarification regarding interpretation of the Rules framed there under, the decision of the Executive Committee in the matter shall be final.
  4. Any Bye-Laws or regulations shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the Club as soon as possible after they have been made.
  5. The Committee shall take immediate cognizance of any infraction of the Rules or Bye-Laws or Regulations of the Club and should such information not to be promptly regularized in the manner they may consider fit, or should any circumstances occur likely to interrupt the harmony to affect the character or endanger the stability of the Club, it shall be their duty to call an Extraordinary General MEETING; NAD IN THE EVENT OF NOT LESS THAN TWO=TIRDS OF THE Meeting deciding by ballot or otherwise on the expulsion of Member or Members concerned, he or they shall cease to belong to Club and shall forfeit all claims and privileges thereunto belonging.