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Books of Accounts
  1. The Executive Committee shall cause to be kept proper books of account with respect to :-
    1. All sums of money received and expended by the Club and the matters in respect of which the Receipts and Expenditure take place.
    2. All sales and purchase of the goods and services by the Club and
    3. The assets and liabilities of the Club.
  2. The books of accounts shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Club or at such other place or places as the Committee think fit and subject to any reasonable restriction as to time and manner of inspection that maybe imposed by the Committee, they shall be open to inspection of the Members of the Club.
  3. Before the Annual General Meeting the accounts of the Club for the previous year shall be approved and the correctness of the Profit and Loss Account shall be certified by a Charted Accountant or a firm of Charted Accountants who shall appointed by the Members in every Annual General Meeting.
  1. At the Annual General Meeting of every year the Committee shall lay the duly audited Profit and Loss Accounts and the Balance Sheet of the Club containing a summary of the assets and liabilities of the Club made up to  the preceding 31st day of March. Copies of such Accounts and Balance Sheet and the Auditors report shall be put on the Notice Board of the Club at least twenty-five days before the date of the Meeting.
  2. Every account of the Club when audited and approved by the Annual General Meeting shall be conclusive except as regard any error discovered therein within three months after the approval thereof. Whenever any such error is discovered with that period the accountants shall forth will be corrected and henceforth shall be conclusive.