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Article Index

(a)    Duties/Responsibilities of the President

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules the President shall preside over the meetings of the Committees, the AGM and the EGMs, if any, and conduct/regulate the proceedings of the meetings and as far as meeting are concerned his decision on points of order may be modified by a resolution of which due notice has been given at a subsequent general meeting. Questions of validity of a vote, of an irregularity in form and notice, of the relevance of an amendment, or whether resolution would alter the Rules of the Club, are for this purpose, points of order. The President shall allow no resolution to be put to the Meeting which in his opinion reopens a question which has been decided by a General meeting within the preceding year.                                                                                                                                                               The President shall have rights to exercise casting  vote in case of equality of votes in addition to his vote is entitled to his vote. The president shall be the appellate authority in discipline matters.

(b)   Responsibilities/duties of the Vice-President

In the absence of the President the Vice-President will discharge the responsibilities of President and shall be the Chairman of the Meeting of the General Body and Committee Meetings and in the absence of both President and Vice-President and members of the Committee present shall elect the Chairman from among them to conduct the meetings.

(c)    Responsibilities/duties of the Secretary

All operations of the Club shall vest in the Honorary Secretary with such powers and functions as would be necessary to provide effective and efficient management and smooth running of the Club. Provided, nevertheless the powers and functions shall be subject to the superintendence, control and directions of the Executive Committee. Notwithstanding what has been stated in the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Club he shall convene the meetings of the Committee, Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary meetings and exercise day to day supervision and control of the operation of the Club.

(d)   Responsibilities of the Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretary shall exercise all powers of the Secretary in his absence and also exercise such powers as are specially assigned to him by Committee.