Club Rules - Membership

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Membership of the club is open to Ladies and Gentleman who are above the age of 25 years. The total number of Permanent Members excluding other categories of Members shall at no time exceed one thousand. However, the Committee shall have discretion to exceed this limit in the case of admission (a) widows of Permanent Members and (b) children of Permanent Members of more than 10 years Membership tenure in the Club.


  1. Permanent Member :
  1. The following categories of persons will be eligible to be considered for admission as Permanent members.
    1. Officers of Govt. of Orissa/India/Any State/UT
    2. Senior Officers belonging to PSU/PSC Bodies/Autonomous Bodies of Govt. of Orissa/India/Any Other State/UT
    3. Retired Govt. Servants with excellence in any creative field.
    4. Member’s eligible child nominated by member.
    5. Others (Ladies & Gentleman having good social standing and status in the society)  
  2. Non Resident Member means a Permanent Member as is ordinarily not resident within 50 Kms of Sambalpur Municipal Area or is ordinarily resident within this area but who may cease to reside within these limits for a continuous period of three months or more and give notice in writing to the Secretary of such ceasure of residence and of his desire to be treated as a Non Residence Member. The Committee has the power to fix from time to time the subscription of Non Resident Members. The Committee has also power to fix from time to time the terms and conditions for the use of amenities of the Club by Non Resident members do not enjoy voting rights in the meetings of the General Body.
(a)    Honorary Member/Patron.

Honorary Members/Patrons include persons of eminence who may be invited with the approval of the Executive Committee to become Honorary members without the usual admission procedure and without payment of entrance fees or subscription for the period to be determined by the Executive Committee.

When a person is admitted as a Patron, Vice-Patron or Honorary member, the Committee shall indicate whether such privilege is conferred on the person in his individual capacity or in ex-officio capacity. In case it is in ex-officio capacity this privilege will automatically cease to exist when the person vacates the concerned office. Honorary members do not enjoy voting rights in the meetings of General Body.

(b)   Life Member

Persons, in their individual capacity, coming within the definition of Permanent Members who wish to become Life Members, on payment of the prescribed entrance fee can be admitted as Life Members, as decided by the Executive Committee as per usual admission procedure. This class of Members enjoys voting rights in the meetings of the General Body.

(d) Corporate Member

Companies registered under Companies Act, 1956, other forms of business organizations, voluntary associations registered under the Registration of Societies Act and any other association can be admitted at the discretion of the committee as a Corporate Member of the Club. The procedure prescribed for admission of a permanent member shall mutadis mutandis apply for admission of such Corporate Members.

PROVIDED that the organization admitted as a Corporate Member shall nominate three persons not below the status of a covenanted officer or senior executive as their representative who will be entitled to enjoy the facilities of the Club and such nomination can be changed from time to time by notice in writing to the Secretary.

PROVIDED FURTHER that the initial nomination and subsequent changes shall become effective after approval by the Secretary subject to such conditions as may be prescribed from time to time by the Committee.

PROVIDED FURTHER that the Organization admitted as a Corporate Member can nominate more than three persons as their representative if they pay the prescribed amount for each additional representative. This class of Members enjoys voting rights provided a Corporate Member irrespective of number of nominees has only one vote in the meeting of the General Body.

(e) Institutional Member

Institutional Members include Institutions, autonomous bodies incorporated under special statute, voluntary bodies, associations which are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or Co-operative Societies Act can be admitted on usual prescribed procedure. Institutional members do not enjoy voting rights in the meeting of the General Body.

(f) Temporary Members

Temporary members shall be admitted on payment of prescribed non-refundable entrance fee. Temporary members shall be proposed by one permanent members and seconded by two permanent members of not less than two years standing and approved by the Honorary Secretary subject to formal ratification by the Executive Committee and subject further to the following conditions:-

  1. No one can be a temporary member of the Club for more than 90 days in a calendar year or more than three times in a Calendar year for a period of the 30 days each. Periods of shorter duration will count as 30 days.
  2. No one permanently residing in Sambalpur shall be eligible to become a Temporary Member.
  3. Temporary members shall have all the privileges of members except those of attending and voting at the General Body meeting, serving as Members of any Committee of the Club or proposing or seconding new candidates for members.