Club Rules

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(a)    These Rules shall be called the MAHANADI CLUB RULES 2004 here in after referred to as the Rules.



In these Rules unless there is something repugnant in the subject or the context.

  1. ‘Committee’ means the Executive Committee constituted under the Rules.
  2. ‘Member’ means all categories of Members admitted under Rule-4.
  3. ‘Non-Resident Member’ means a Permanent Member who has shifted his residence either temporarily or otherwise, a place which is more than 50 kms, from the Municipal limits of Sambalpur.
  4. ‘Guest’ means and includes parents of the Member, sisters of the Member dependent on him. Sons and daughters above the age of 25, family guest of the Member residing temporarily with him, casual guests nor ordinarily resident within 10 km of Sambalpur Municipal area and casual guests resident within 10 Kms of Sambalpur Municipal area but not a person whose application for membership has ceased or whose membership has been suspended for a length of period under the provisions of these Articles.
  5. President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary/Secretary, Treasurer and Joint Secretary means those persons who have been duly nominated or elected to the respective posts as per provisions of these rules.
  6. ‘Returning Officer’ means the person approved by the Executive Committee for conducting the annual election of the Members of the Executive Committee.
  7. A Notice to the Member will be deemed to have been given if such notice is sent to the address indicated in the Member’s application for admission or the latest address notified by the Member or where no such address as available, if the notice is put on the Club’s Notice Board.
  8. The words he or derivatives thereof shall include the word she or derivatives there of where ever so applicable.
  9. ‘Family’ means family of a Member consisting of his/her spouse, and unmarried dependent children below the age of 25.
  10. Month means calendar month and shall include also unexpired part of the month.